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Backpack HAYASHI "WKF 2020"

Codice: 813-19
Unità1 piece
DimensioniOne size (46 l)
Prezzo: 40.98 € + IVA
Zaino HAYASHI "WKF 2020" dotato di ampio scomparto di capacità 46 l, e 3 comode tasche indipendenti, tutte richiudibili con zip.

Descrizione Prodotto

The World Karate Federation, WKF for short, is enjoying huge success with the 2020 Olympic Games. Martial arts Karate, as an Olympic discipline, is making its home debut behind the scenes. You can already bring a piece of sports history home with you with the Hayashi backpack “WKF 2020”. As a top loader, it swallows everything important to you and, with a total of 3 independent compartments, offers enough order for the necessary overview. The robust zippers of the backpack can be easily opened and closed, and the front zippers are also blinded. Despite the 46 l volume, the “WKF 2020” is a real lightweight and in 4 cool designs it will surely become your new everyday favorite.

Additional advantages:

resistant polyester material
divided main subject
4 different designs
high-quality WKF label

Everything you need fits in the Hayashi backpack “WKF 2020”.

Whether sports clothes or the outfit for a spontaneous weekend trip, everything has its place in the 46 l backpack “WKF 2020”. Organizing subjects is child's play, even when things have to be done quickly again. The robust zippers ensure that nothing is lost on the way. The durable lightweight backpack made of polyester is also water and dirt repellent and available in 4 cool designs from Hayashi. Of course, the label of the only international karate association WKF recognized by the International Olympic Committee must not be missing.

Well shouldered - systematic.

Even without an elaborate carrying system, the “WKF 2020” sports backpack can be shouldered well. This is ensured by the S-straps alone, which fit anatomically perfectly on the body. Heavy items such as shoes or laptops can be carried close to the back thanks to the division in the large main compartment. The length of the straps can be infinitely adjusted to your height, whereby the “WKF 2020” with a height of approx. 55 cm is tailored to adults.

206 nations in 33 sports and you are there.

Is your budget not going to visit the 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan? Then we have your low-cost alternative with the Hayashi backpack “WKF 2020”. Show your passion for karate and support the athletes with the first Olympic participation in this extraordinary martial arts. You are connected through the club label when the WKF athletes in Japan show what they can do.

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