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Boxing Gloves TOP TEN "4 Select" Red 10/12/14/16 oz

Codice: 2244-49
Brand: TOP TEN
Unità1 pair
Dimensioni10/12/14/16 oz
Prezzo: 46.16 € + IVA
high-quality nubuk artificial leather
innovative multi-layer padding
perfect fit
attractive color design with prints

Descrizione Prodotto

For all animal lovers among you, we also have our new “4select” boxing gloves in the real leather-free version. Otherwise, gloves # 2244 and # 2044 boxing gloves are the same in construction and also impress with their unique multi-layer padding. The EVA pads are based on the one-piece injected and already anatomically preformed IMF pad. Especially the clubface has been specially designed and promises you not only the best protection but also a new kind of power feeling. Each punch is recorded as an impulse, but its hardness is derived from your hands. The fit leaves nothing to be desired. The 4select boxing gloves adapt to your hands individually and are in the weight ranges 10/12/14 / 16oz comfortable even in longer sessions wearable. The round design in 3 different colors gives the boxing gloves a casual and sporty look. Of course, the new “4select” logo should not be missing, besides the typical TOP TEN print.

Additional advantages:

high-quality nubuk artificial leather
innovative multi-layer padding
perfect fit
attractive color design with prints

Top in shape - our TOP TEN “4select” boxing gloves.

We held it proud in our hands recently. The first prototypes of TOP TEN “4select” boxing gloves had found their way back from production to Budoland headquarters. Here was a long tinkering, tested, designed and tried. Now it went into the practice test. The Martial Arts experts among us took the “4select” to the training and give you now close to their impressions on.

Fit unique and individual.

The padding is not only crucial for the safety performance of your boxing gloves, but also for the comfort of wear. Even long training sessions did not tire the test hands and the perfect stabilization of the hands saved muscle power. It was easy to translate into increased endurance and better punch performance. The closure is easy to close with just one hand and yet extremely strong. The rounded edges fit snugly on the glove and minimize the risk of involuntary scratches.

Of course fresh look - even without real leather.

It is not always easy to actively promote environmental protection. From the beginning, it was clear to us with the idea of “4select” to also offer a model made of functional synthetic leather. We want to actively support all animal fans. In order to be able to realize the properties of real leather as well as possible, we have decided on high-quality nubuk leather. It is in terms of feel and appearance of the equivalent of real leather in nothing.

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