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Complete Set TOP TEN Punch Boy Dummy

Complete Set TOP TEN Punch Boy Dummy

Codice: 4103-9180
Brand: TOP TEN
Dimensioni1 Set (Base + Middle Section + Adapter + Dummy)
Prezzo: 474.59 € + IVA
A fully flexible target that knows no pain is our TOP TEN freestanding dummy “Punchboy”.

Descrizione Prodotto

A fully flexible target that knows no pain is our TOP TEN freestanding dummy “Punchboy”. The torso of the training manikin is installed with an adapter on the middle part with spring and gets a secure hold due to the stable base. Water or sand are suitable as filling material - the delivery is unfilled. The swing behavior of the “Punchboy” is absolutely realistic due to the stable steel spring in the middle section. Upon contact, the dummy can rotate freely and mimics the movement pattern of a human opponent. Thanks to the height adjustment, the Freestanding Dummy offers you a dynamic target in the range of 180 cm to 220 cm.

Additional advantages:
- 4-piece complete set
- height adjustable from 180 cm - 220cm
- Punch-Boy made from highly elastic Bayflex®
- realistic movement behavior

The PUNCHBOY is made of durable Bayflex®, the same longlasting, washable material that TOP TEN headguards are made of. This guarantees the maximum in shock absorption, durability and hygiene.

Freedom fighter: Freestanding dummy “Punchboy” from TOP TEN.

Our “Punchboy” can put up with a lot and will face you without any contradictions in martial arts training. He immediately reacts to your impulses and, thanks to the stable steel spring in the middle part, mimics realistic movement behavior. With its freely selectable position, side attacks are no problem for the freestanding dummy “Punchboy”. The human proportions on the highly elastic Bayflex® material can be recognized very well, which brings the martial arts feeling across realistically.

Bayflex® - a foam for martial arts.

We owe the highly elastic and durable Bayflex® to the TOP TEN founder and martial arts pioneer Georg F. Brückner. The “Punchboy” dummy benefits from the material and has excellent damping properties. The air-permeable cells inside ensure an immediate exchange and immediately fill up hit areas again. The “Punchboy” torso is sealed from the outside by a membrane so that the air inside cannot escape even under the toughest conditions.

Complete sets enable immediate use.

Unpack, assemble and get started - that's the principle of our TOP TEN complete sets. With the Freestanding dummy “Punchboy” you get an unfilled base, a stable middle section with a spring, an adapter for the dummy and of course the “Punchboy” made of high-quality Bayflex® material. The shown punch pad (Bodyshield) # 1366-9005 is not included in the scope of delivery, but can also be ordered directly in the online shop.

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