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Karategi Hayashi AIR DELUXE KUMITE WKF approved Premiere League Blue

Karategi Hayashi AIR DELUXE KUMITE WKF approved Premiere League Blue

Codice: 0474-16
Unità1 set
Dimensioni160-200 cm
Prezzo: 149.99 €
With the “Air Deluxe”, Karate Kumite-Gi Hayashi brings a real lightweight on the mat. The unique fabric structure and numerous mesh inserts not only save weight, but they also make the Gi extremely robust against physical stress such as friction/tearing.

Descrizione Prodotto

As a breathable Gi, the “Air Deluxe” is characterized by its functionality in sport-specific design. Pure white makes you and your athletic performance in the two-parter of Hayashi shine on the mat. Jacket and pants convince with a perfect fit and even at the seams, great value was placed on high-quality workmanship and the best basic material. With the typical Hayashi embroidery on the chest and the WKF approved label at the bottom of the quilted reversible lapels, nothing stands in the way of your career in Kumite karate.

Additional advantages:

breathable functional fabric
mesh insets
sport-typical cut
WKF approved

Your dazzling performance in the Karate Gi “Air Deluxe”.

White is considered the color of purity and is the defining color in the dojo. Only the colored belts make the difference between the different kyu stages. The white functional material of the “Air Deluxe” is durable and retains its white luminosity for a long time with proper care. The mesh inserts also reduce perspiration by optimizing temperature regulation, which greatly reduces the unpleasant odor of sweat bacteria.

Traditional Gi meets new technologies.

Karate is a sport with a centuries-old tradition. In this, the two-piece suits, the Gis, play an important role from the start. Hayashi has remained faithful to the original wide-cut style of the “Air Deluxe”, but functional details make a progressive difference. Mesh has been an important part of sportswear since the 80s and is used in numerous places in the Kumite Gi “Air Deluxe”. The mesh fabric makes the Gi light and airy, without losing its actual protective effect.

Kumite - forces compete in a duel.

At the beginning, there is the fear to hurt the partner in training. But by learning the first basic steps, this will soon be discarded and the first forms of Ippon Kumite come to it. Spoken movements should protect and also the wearing of uniform training clothes - Gi - contributes to the safety of the Karatekas. Fall movements can be dosed with a spirited grip on the reinforced lapels

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