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Kickboxing Chest Guard TOP TEN Children

Kickboxing Chest Guard TOP TEN Children

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Brand: TOP TEN
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Youth trains for the Olympics and we are there from the beginning. TOP TEN brings with the children's chest protection now the youngest martial artists from about 5 years best safety in training and competition.

Descrizione Prodotto

PLEASE NOTE: Mandatory for all combat activities for children under 10 (WAKO Cat. Children)

Thanks to the generous cut-outs on the arms and the head, the chest protector can be easily pulled over the head and finished with an elastic back piece. An extra strong hook and loop strap on the back allows a perfect fit of the vest by the trainer or a helper. The front cushion is fixed and divided by dividing seams into different zones. Thus, TOP TEN achieves an optimized impulse distribution and directs impinging energy away from the child's body. Depending on their size, the side wings of the vest are wide enough around the ribcage.
More details:
* mesh inner fabric
* Easy to set up
* Adjustment with hook & loop strap
* low weight

Completely ready, with the children's chest protector from TOP TEN.
How much we parents wish us the independence of our children. Of course, this will only succeed if we give them the opportunity. TOP TEN has made sure that the child's chest protection is easy to use. The elastic back part allows you to pull back over the head and bring the first sense of achievement when you put it on. The hook and loop strap for optimal support can then be individually adapted to the child by the trainer or a companion.
Children are just different - the child's chest protector, too.
Children are not adults in a miniature edition. Since her body is still in growth, he also has very different needs. Integrating these into sports-specific protective equipment was the challenge for our TOP TEN development team. With a low own weight, so as not to burden the children additionally and a particularly skin-friendly material mix, we have succeeded. The mesh on the inside allows perfect air circulation and the robust outside makes the TOP TEN burst protection almost indestructible.
Give the children the command.
Herbert Grönemeyer praised it proudly and TOP TEN gives children the best entry into martial arts with child-friendly protective clothing. Nothing deters parents as much from martial arts as the potential risk of injury to their children. With the right protective equipment, we can give worried parents the necessary security and children the opportunity to get to know the different facets of the martial arts world without injury.
Give your child more confidence with child-friendly protective equipment, such as the TOP TEN children's chest protector.

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