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Kickboxing Uniform TOP TEN "Big Star" Blue

Codice: 16851-6
Brand: TOP TEN
Unità1 unit
Dimensioni130-200 cm
Prezzo: 73.76 € + IVA
The TOP TEN star, the brand of the traditional martial arts brand, shines with bold colors on the kickbox uniform “big star”.

Descrizione Prodotto

The TOP TEN star, the brand of the traditional martial arts brand, shines with bold colors on the kickbox uniform “big star”. The lightweight 2-piece suit consists of a short-sleeved functional shirt with V-neck and long trousers. The matt glossy fabric in the main colors black and gray is strikingly divided by colored elements. TOP TEN admits with the choice yellow, red or blue color and sets you thereby skillfully in the scene. With a pattern mix of stripes and the TOP TEN all-over structure, the suit looks sporty and dynamic. The uniform is on average far and leaves you, especially by the sport use in the step of the pants, much freedom of movement.

Additional advantages:

a complete suit made of shorts + pants
dynamic pattern mix
lightweight functional material
Color selection yellow / red / blue

Color Explosion - Kickboxing Uniform TOP TEN “big star”.

You have the choice and can wear the “big star” kickboxing uniform with color contrasts in yellow, red or blue. Your color can be found in many elements such as V-neck, stand-up collar or vertical stripes on the pants again. The uniform, which is otherwise in gray and black, convinces with its lightweight yet robust functional material. The V-neck with the stand-up collar gives the T-shirt a sporty and elegant look in addition to its functional properties.

For your kicks - uniform pants “big star”.

For effective kicks, it requires not only a precise technique but also a lot of freedom of movement. Our product developers have taken great care, especially in the crotch area, without affecting the straight cut in its flow form. This guarantees a clean execution of your movements and visual support of your kicks through pattern and color gradient. With the wide, elastic waistband, the pants always sit securely on the spot. The open leg cuffs allow you to easily put on / take off a shin guard during exercise.

Keep your back free - functional shirt “big star”.

The back view of the functional T-shirt of the uniform “big star” surprises with a subdivision just below the shoulder. The back mesh fabric inserts below, with its airy fabric structure for excellent ventilation in the uniform “big star”. Even in sweaty sessions, your body is optimally protected against heat build-up or unpleasant perspiration.

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