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SportBra TOP TEN Sport & Fitness

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Brand: TOP TEN
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A sports top what it can take up with you, this is our Sports & Fitness Bra from TOP TEN. The functional fabric of 90% polyester and 10% elastane is pleasant on the skin and promises you with physical power a comfortable fit.

Descrizione Prodotto

The wide straps and the reinforced back area with an integrated mobile phone pocket guarantee you the best possible relief. The bra sits properly on the spot thanks to the wide and elastic TOP TEN waistband. The fact that our TOP TEN Sport fashion is thought through to the smallest detail, you feel through the side cutouts, which emanate from the Federation. This gives your skin more breathing space and the feel-good factor increases. Besides, this detail looks just incredibly good and gives your body sporty elegance.
Additional advantages:
* lightweight material
* easy care
* sporty attractive cut
* Phone Case

Girls show what you can do - with the TOP TEN Sports Fitness Bra.
Girls and women have long since discovered martial arts for themselves. TOP TEN meets the new requirements with its sportily attractive fashion line and designs contemporary details in functional sportswear. Have you already discovered her, the mobile phone pocket in Bra? We'll tell you. The reinforced back is held open at the top and your smartphone disappears into a non-slip case made of functional fabric. Headphones and just let the world go outside during sports.
Stunning - functional underwear by TOP TEN.
The sport TOPs have long since ceased to be underwear and have to hide under tracksuits or T-shirts. The TOP TEN Sports and Fitness Bra forms your chest and gives it a sporty silhouette. The material mix of polyester and elastane provide perfect support for your tissue and keep everything safe and comfortable on the spot.
TOP TEN - in business for decades.
We know what your passion is when martial arts is your passion. With ever new ideas and developments, we not only make your sport more and more secure but also more diverse. In doing so, we orient ourselves to your suggestions from the field and like to test new products in advance. With a “thumbs up” of our experts, the innovations then go into production.

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