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Striking Gloves TOP TEN MMA “Striking C-Type” Blue

Striking Gloves TOP TEN MMA “Striking C-Type” Blue

Codice: 23351-61
Brand: TOP TEN 4 MMA
Unità1 pair
DimensioniS, M, L, XL
Prezzo: 32.78 € + IVA
MMA requires full body control. Your power comes from the legs, the middle of the body and explodes over your fists. So that your power can flow undisturbed, we have specially designed the gloves “Striking C-Type”.

Descrizione Prodotto

By itself, the protectors have an anatomically perfect basic shape and let your hands slide into the protective basic shape. Furthermore, Top Ten has worked out and perfected a particular detail. All your inner finger joints remain fully mobile despite the handguards. You can shape your winning fist without hindrance - full freedom of movement for full deployment. The upper material is made of 100% leatherette very high quality and has on the clubface durable padding.
Additional advantages:
* Anti Slip inner material
* EVOFLEX gel pad
* long life
* Innovative detail solutions

MMA gloves “Striking C-Type” - this is how you transfer your strength today.
It comes with no frills therefore, the Top Ten handguards for the MMA athlete. But with a thoughtful cut and great hidden details that you will not see but feel. From the moment you first put it on, you'll be amazed how easily your hand slides so perfectly into the preformed gloves. The inner material is very soft and can due to nature, moisture drain well. Sticky and sweaty hands are definitely a thing of the past in these handguards.
Developed and tested by experts.
We would like to get an idea of our products ourselves and only recommend products that have been thoroughly tested by us. The “Striking C-Type” were among the most critical eyes of our experts and have had to endure a lot up to the production approval. The material was tested, cuts designed and also the design was long filed. The result is a glove that has convinced everyone - even you?
MFG - Sincerely, the MMA.
So or otherwise probably folk music icon Heino filled when he opened in August 2018 as a star guest the Super Show Europe of the MMA in Dortmund Westfallenhalle. As a reward for his life's work and his years of commitment to martial arts, he was honored and given a special award. By the way, almost 80 years old Heino has reported from his own martial arts history and his penchant for MMA. For a long time, this sport has left the dark and gray backyards and gets more and more into the limelight of the public. Last but not least, we owe this to us, the ever better protective equipment and the constant improvements and developments for the protection of the athletes.
You are looking for the special kick? Then get the “Striking C-Type” from Top Ten and start successfully in the MMA.

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