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T-Shirt TOPTEN "WAKO N. 1"

T-Shirt TOPTEN "WAKO N. 1"

Codice: 1619-16
Brand: TOP TEN
Unità1 piece
Prezzo: 20.49 € + IVA
We're starting a revival and reviving the classic T-shirt from the beginning of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations. The T-shirt looks quite casual in its cut and length, its innovations of today are detailed solutions.

Descrizione Prodotto

As in the past, we made the top ten shirt “Wako No 1” mainly from natural cotton. With only 5% spandex we give it the functionality of mint sportswear. The neckline with a narrow elastic waistband and the material mix make the T-shirt soft and comfortable on the skin. The front is discreetly held at chest height with the Top Ten and WAKO label, while the rear view largely bears the words “WAKO No 1 in Kickboxing”. In blue as in white, the historical T-shirt in a new edition is a must-have for every kickboxing fan.
Additional advantages:
* classic T-shirt cut
* functional material mix
* pleasant on the skin
* Revival print motif

More than just a shirt - experience sports history in the Top Ten T-Shirt “WAKO No 1”.
The current T-shirt series with the new edition of the “WAKO No 1” made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex, as well as the retro print, let you immerse yourself in the beginnings of your sport. It is much more like a normal T-shirt. It stands for a piece of living history that has accompanied the sport over the years. Top Ten and WAKO have much more in common than this t-shirt revival. They are both founded by sports pioneers and idealists - from the beginning.
The charm of the 70s.
The 70s had it all: the first VW Golf rolled off the line, in China, the legendary Terracotta Army was discovered and at the “Rumble in the Jungle” Muhammad Ali `74 got a legendary K.O. Victory. But also a new sport, the sport karate - the forerunner of today's Kickboxing came out big. As a former sport of the stationed US military, it became more and more popular in Germany by such greats as Georg F. Brückner or Mike Anderson.
The number 1 spectator sports.
Was kickboxing in the 70s. It enjoyed great popularity due to spectacular fights and quickly became number one. With the t-shirt “WAKO No 1” the company Top Ten revives the spirit of that time and looks back on the founding of the World Association of Kickboxing Organizations in this decade. With a uniform regulation and the introduction of protective equipment at competitions, it made the sport suitable for the public and safe.
Without any ifs and buts, look good in the new edition of the retro T-shirt “WAKO No 1” by Top Ten.

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