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TOP TEN IMPACT - Punching Force Mesurement Glove

TOP TEN IMPACT - Punching Force Mesurement Glove

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Descrizione Prodotto

This genuine innovation was invented in cooperation with Innovative Sport Technologies and Sportdata. The complex new sensor technology is able to measure directly the punching force and acceleration. Therefore, it comprises unprecedented accuracy, which serves as the base for a new generation of training analysis, sport games and the first valid and reliable Martial Arts endurance performance diagnostics.
However, IMPACT is not limited to these features, but rather a continuously developing system to revolutionize Martial Arts.

Therefore, our mobile app comprises of lots of easy-to-use features for real-time training analysis as well as funny sport games for individuals and groups. Furthermore, there are different world and group rankings combined with specific achievements to maximize the motivation.

High Intensity Interval Training (HilT)
• Multiuser sessions (Training Rooms)
• Individual training zones
• Goals/ Personal bests/ Achievements
• Battles
• Tournaments
• Leagues
• Technique recognition
• Voice Control
• Training calendar and timeline
• User profile
• Social Media connection
• Augmented and Virtual reality .
• First Martial Arts endurance
Performance diagnostics

Together with our partner, the University of Vienna, we are keen to optimize this feature for majority of Martial Arts. Of course, it is our duty to hold the high standard and quality of our sensors. Therefore, Innovative Sport Technologies and the University of Vienna developed a new testing station for quality control. A team of independent sport engineering researchers is constantly checking performance and longevity of our product. Therefore, test ranges up to 5000 Newton and 20.000 punches are applied to ensure the performance of our product.

Another greal innovation is targeted to federations and diagnostic centres. As our sensor measures the punching force and acceleration accurately and in real time, we are able to perform the first valid and reliable, Martial Arts specific, performance endurance diagnostics. OPTIMIZE YOUR TRAininG This feature enables you to find out your sport specific lactate and/or ventilatory thresholds and your personal best, in order to plan and reach success by optimizing your training.

- Innovatlve device for punching
- force measurement
- Additional acceleration
- measurement
- Speed calculation
- Technique recognition
- Training tools
- Patented sensor technology
-  to analyze physiological status
- to control training session
- to analyze training sessions
- to compare your performance with peers
- to have fun!

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